Synth Band?

Synth Band Dot Com

is an avant-garde multi-instrumentalist collective

Improv Multi-Instrumentalists

Synth Band Dot Com is a near-elastic noise-making group

We convene a dozen or so times per year to make 100% improvisational music. Or maybe it's noise. Or jazz. Whatever it is, we have fun making it. Covid had us jamming remotely via NINJAM and Jamtaba. We still do that sometimes, but are largely back to in-person sessions in San Diego.

Please try to endure some of our recent sounds online,

Usual suspects: TonyM, FficientDan, PaulC, DisjointedMike, PredilectionTom, AaronP, ToddJ.

Periodic performers: Rob P, MattanR.

Guest/former noisemakers: Jessica M, BrockB, AmyA, ZacharyL, GabeW, NikS, JeremyA, EthanM, SelvinR, AndrewPD, Joel?, PhilM, Mike?, Greg?, Tomwilliamz, Jason?, JohnH, KurtT, AmandaG, NickM, ChloeB, CharlyV, and so on.

Join Us on the Sound Playground?

We're sometimes looking for people to share the synth band fun

When we're not jamming online basking in virtual-time serendipity, we play IRL.

If you're a multi-instrumentalist (you're willing to make at least semi-rhythmic sounds on a few of: guitar/bass/drums/keys/noise/any non-acoustic instrument) near Normal Heights San Diego and want to make post-postmodern improv noise, send a note to synth band at uncool central dot com. We're not always hiring, and the pay sucks, but we're not discouraging potential great connections.

100% improvisational. We don't discuss what we're going to do before we do it, and you often get dumped at a random instrument. Fun.

Synth Band usually has guitar, bass, Vdrums, a synth or two, a mic, noise toys, and lots of effects pedals.

Synth Band plugs into a JamHub TourBus. No amps. (But a few amp/cab emulators.) Lots of headphones and a personal mix for everybody. Sounds we make dump straight to stereo with no production or mixing. Translation: It always sounds much better when we're making it. The recordings are for posterity, or something. events pop up on EventBrite a couple weeks before go-time. Do you want an invite to the next thing?

Make Noise