Synth Band?

Synth Band Dot Com

is a musical collective in San Diego, CA

Improv Multi-Instrumentalists

Synth Band Dot Com is a near-elastic noise-making group

We get together 10 to 20 times per year to make 100% improvisational "music". Or maybe it's noise. Or jazz. Whatever it is, we have fun making it. We put some of our recent ounds online,

We often don't use synths, so our name is sometimes a misnomer.

Current usual suspects include people named: Dan, Aaron, Nik. (We're looking for partners in noise.)

Occasional contributors include people named: Brock, Zachary, Tony, Amy, Andrew, Selvin.

We've had guest performers with names like: John, Ethan, Kurt, Amanda, Nick, Chloe, Charly, and on and on.

Past core members were called things like: Tom, Mike, and "sexy"

Join Us?

We're sometimes looking for people to share the fun

If you're a multi-instrumentalist (guitar/bass/drums/keys/noise) near Normal Heights San Diego and want to make improv noise, send a note to synth band at uncool central dot com. We're not always hiring, and the pay sucks, but we're not discouraging potential great connections. 100% improvisational. I.e. we don't discuss what we're going to do before we do it, and you often get assigned a random instrument. Fun.

Make Noise